Swedish publication alleges Zlatan shot and killed a lion in South Africa in 2011

Ollie Irish

6th, April 2021

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Alpha male, or tedious jerk?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, perhaps the most odious narcissist in all of sport, has been accused of shooting a lion in South Africa and then importing its skin, skull and jaw back to his native Sweden.

Swedish publication Expressen alleges that Zlatan acquired a hunting license and, less than a year later, in 2011, shot and killed the male lion in the wild. That is one ballsy allegation.

They also claim that the lion shot by Ibrahimovic spent more than a year in an enclosure before it was released – parts of its carcass were allegedly then shipped back to his Malmo home.

Zlatan has not commented on Expressen’s story.

You may have noticed that Zlatan loves to compare himself to a lion (we get it, you’re an alpha male. Yawn.), and even has a massive tattoo of one on his back – so it’s not the biggest stretch of one’s imagination to believe that this might be true. I really hope otherwise.

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1 Comment

  1. comment says:

    He fullfills narcissist behaviour perfectly as noted in the beginning of article. And this is not meant as a superficious “full of self insult” type of comment, but as a real psychologicall issue, type of comment. Hence, as narcissists respond and comment to anything really, he will comment when he thinks of something that will not cloud his “perfect” ego and in the same time be able to most painfully offend anyone who thinks what he did is bad. Either that or remain silent about it and detour to another topic. This is all seen milion times with many people of this group, he is no special about that, that is what big ego and small confidence people do. Reinforce it by gradiosity and putting down others since they lack empathy anyway. He is special though (avoiding debate how important leather blob on a grass is for humanity anyway) about how he plays soccer though, and he went far in lifer with that.
    So, although i get mostly how people from dark triad function, its still amazing how even such sucess is not enough for such person to behave normaly, but still have this pathological indefinite need to feed your small and hungry ego. Good topic for someone’s scientific work in psychology.

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