Steed Malbranque: I Don’t Even Have A Son!

Alan Duffy

5th, September 2011


By Alan Duffy

Following on from Man City bigwig Gary Cook’s distasteful email cock-up comes the bizarre news that another cancer-related story seems to have been a total hoax.

It had been widely reported in the media that former Fulham and Sunderland midfielder Steed Malbranque had recently decided to quit football altogether in order to care for his son, who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Indeed, even Rio Ferdinand Tweeted about the sad news:  “Steed Malbranque good luck to you + your family bro through what must be a really difficult time. Really puts it all into perspective. Love.”  said the United man.

However, it now seems that the story is all a hoax, with Malbranque’s press people refuting the story, stating that the Saint Etienne playmaker doesn’t even have a son!

On hearing this news, Ferdinand was back on Twitter: “If the Malbranque story is untrue then whoever started the rumour needs to sort themselves right out you scumbag.”

What an appalling few days for good taste and decency.