Dodgy Ronaldinho Video Leaked On Internet, Shows Samba Star ‘Getting To Grips With Himself’

Alan Duffy

25th, November 2011


By Alan Duffy

Ronaldinho having some ‘me time’ whilst training with the Brazilian national team

One of football’s more colourful characters, Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, must be feeling rather embarrassed right now, after an x-rated webcam video of the star erm, giving himself a ‘helping hand’, was leaked on the internet, in true Dirty Den/Leslie Grantham  style.

The offending video has since been removed by YouTube, but it still can be found on the darker recesses of the worldwide web should you be that way inclined – you dirty Gerties.

His Flamengo boss Vanderlei Luxemburgo briefly discussed the video at a press conference, to the amusement of the journalists present.

“This is a particular problem for Ronaldinho,” said the manager. “I can not control what is on my player’s computers,”

“The only thing I can do is out of the way before this …. blows. ” Cue unbridled laughter in the room.

This latest episode  in the crazy world of the buck-toothed Brazilian has surely laid down the gauntlet to fellow loony Mario Balotelli. Is the Italian up to the challenge?

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  1. Redskywalker says:

    Your move Balotelli

  2. MrMac says:

    So is it confirmed, that’s it’s ACTUALLY him?

    not just a freaky deeky look alike?

    You’d think he’d not need to do this to win whomever young girls …well can’t be the heart now can it :P

  3. QueerAsFuß says:

    Yes Balotelli, please!

    Ronaldinho wank…*shudders*

    Actually I could probably makes a list of 100 footballers I would rather see ‘perform’ on web cam than ol’ Horse Teeth DelDouchebag.

    Also: webcam- ever used any prupose other than international displaying of penis?

  4. carlos says:

    its him iam sure. Cos he comented about it a little on brazilian tv. Im from brazil

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