Burger Scandal Verdict: Football League Demand Accrington Stanley Owner Must Buy Players McDonald’s Consistently After Every Game, Win Or Lose

Chris Wright

6th, April 2018


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Cast your mind back a few days and you may recall Pies bringing you news of a major scandal rocking the far end of the Football League (EFL) involving the Accrington Stanley squad and their post-match burgers.

Accrington owner Andy Holt found himself summoned to appear before the EFL committee after he let slip that, as an occasional bonus, he sometimes gives his players a couple of hundred quid to spend on “McDonald’s and the like” as a treat for winning matches.

Unfortunately, Holt then found himself in direct contravention of EFL regulation 61.6, which states that all bonuses, whether cash or ‘in kind’, need to be expressly written into players’ contracts and declared to the league authorities at the start of every season.

Holt defended his actions at the time, claiming he “reserves the right to buy anyone a burger” with his own money, but the EFL have since entered the verdict of their investigation into the Accrington owner’s illicit burger reward scheme.

Indeed, in an official statement issued on Friday afternoon, the EFL have demanded that Holt demonstrate a “consistent approach for all matches” which, among other things, means that he is now duty bound to buy his players burgers whether they win or lose should he wish to continue the practice.

EFL regulations do not prohibit the provision of subsistence and as long as the club adopts a consistent approach for all matches, and arrangements are not linked to success on the pitch, the club can continue to make appropriate provision.

Phew. Aren’t you just glad that’s all sorted out? If only the EFL acted to resolve the bigger fiscal issues facing their members with such speed and efficiency.

Accrington are currently three points clear at the top of League Two with two games in hand coming into the final stretch of the season.

Here’s hoping this unsightly protracted legal wrangling – or having to be force-fed hamburgers after every match – doesn’t put them off their stride.

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  1. charlie says:

    yet they still, 2 weeks after the meeting, made any decisions on Owen Oyston’s ownership of Blackpool. Farce.

  2. VieuxSang says:

    Hatters should have a post-match tikka. I’ve often thought the lads need more fire. We wouldn’t be a squirrely second.

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