Shit Lookalikes: Scott Parker and Toby Stephens

Ollie Irish

5th, August 2020

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Posh thespian Tony Stephens, perhaps most noted for his scenery-chewing turn as the villain in the lamentably terrible Bond film ‘Die Another Day’:

And Scott Parker, the tactically astute boss of newly promoted Fulham:

Parker is quite the goldmine for lookalikes, as a cursory search of Twitter reveals:

And hats off to this one from Damian Counsell:


This Shit Lookalikes comes with bonus highlights of last night’s gripping Championship playoff final:

Well done to Parker, who got his tactics spot on and silenced a few critics in the process. You have to feel for Brentford, who played some glorious stuff this season but ultimately Devon Loch’d the hell out of their run-in.

Some comfort for Brentford is that the new season starts very soon, so there’s no time to dwell on the loss. Plus, when you consider the teams who have gone up and come down from the Premier League, the Championship will be weaker this coming season.