FIFA 13 Will Actually Be Able To Tell When You Swear At Referees (Video)

By Chris Wright

‘Twas the E3 conference last night, which is a fairly big deal in gaming circles being as it’s used as a platform for companies to tease, trail and premiere their upcoming wares – with EA Sports leaking a few bits and bobs about FIFA 13, the most interesting being a feature that will see you punished for yelling obscenities at the screen.

The Xbox Kinect voice recognition feature will be tuned to recognise swearing in several different languages, and will react accordingly – though we’re not entirely sure if red cards for foul and abusive language will be administered should you fly into John Sitton mode over a dodgy freekick, etc…

Call us old fashioned, but maybe devoting a bit more time to making the FIFA gameplay seem like something other than an episode of the Hurricanes should’ve been a priority? Oh well.

Via Dirty Tackle/Video: IGN