There’s A Strange Old Mix Of Players On The New FIFA 13 Cover…

Chris Wright

21st, August 2012


By Chris Wright

At the risk of repeating ourselves, there really is a strange old cocktail of players on the new (UK) FIFA 13 cover…

Ox, Hart and Leo? Makes you wonder what the selection criteria were.

We’re guessing it was something along the lines of ‘two darts thrown at the Premier League 2012/13 sticker album aaaand… stick Messi on there’.

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  1. __wowza says:

    if i’m not mistaken, this will make it the first cover since 06 that hasn’t featured rooney on the cover.

  2. Goaltastic says:

    Ox, Leo, Hart – is there an animal theme going on here?

  3. jack says:

    What kind of animal is a hart? Going to google it now

  4. Dardoz says:

    I’d say the 2 of them together were cheaper than Rooney

  5. vt says:

    It has something to do with Qatar, I’d say..

  6. Davy says:

    Am I being numb as I don’t get the animal theme with Hart!!

  7. Dean says:

    A hart is a designation for certain male deer.

  8. Pkhakheria says:

    French Version : Sakho, Messi, Benzema

    Italian Version : Balotelli, Messi, Pirlo

    American version: Shea, Messi, Donovan

    German Version: Neur, Messi, Ozil

    Spanish Version: Villa, Messi, Casillas

    Dutch Version: K J Huntelaar, Messi, Robben

  9. Zam says:

    A hart is a kind of deer, IIRC.

  10. JayJay says:

    Thanks Goaltastic and Zam! Had no ”i deer” hart meant that.Thanks!

  11. Tribal Tats says:

    EA Sports have tie-ups with Arsenal and Man City… That could probably be the reason…

  12. Murray says:

    Messi was probably picked to appear front and center on all FIFA 13 box art, given that he’s probably the biggest international name EA Sports has made a deal with.

    As for why Ox and Hart were picked for the UK cover… that I can’t tell ya.

  13. mpr33 says:

    I think they always stick 1 player across all covers, NorthAm/UK/Europe/Asia then flank him with 1 or 2 players from each region. So for 12 in North America it was Rooney flanked by Landon Donovan and Rafa Marquez.

  14. Jarren says:

    Player selections aside, is it just me or the whole cover just a bit shit looking?

  15. Zam says:

    ‘Orrible. Crap work all round.

  16. lethal says:

    @Jarren yeah this looks completely photoshopped. badly.

    I don’t get why we can’t make a thing of it and vote for the cover athletes, like we do with Madden every year. I haven’t seen the American cover yet, but I bet it will be Messi, Landon Donovan and some random player from the Mexican league. Just a hunch.

  17. thekaratesuit says:

    isn’t it obvious? Ox being the new up and coming exciting english player (like wilshere on last season’s cover) — Hart taking over from Rooney as England’s most reliable pound for pound best player and obviously Messi speaks for himself

  18. __wowza says:

    @lethal: messi, brek shea and rafael marquez is my guess.

  19. Jarren says:

    @lethal: Haha, yeah I have FIFA 12 on the WII!

    I really liked the image that was circulating a few months ago, of Messi’s back on the cover.

    I guess it alienates a lot of buyers as it panders to Barcelona, but to be honest no-one dislikes Messi (come on Madrid fans, admit it) so everyone’s a winner!

    But yeah, this cover really fucking sucks.

  20. daniel4ing says:

    it’s done by region. In australia you get players like cahill…

  21. Chowens says:

    To make it that littler bit stranger, the stadium in the background is St James’ Park, could Newcastle be looking to make some late additions to their squad?

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