The Fiendish Friday Quiz

Ollie Irish

2nd, March 2007


1 QPR, Nottm Forest, Portsmouth, Southampton, WBA, West Ham (current). Which journeyman’s career?
2 Who scored the opening goal for Man Utd when they beat Liverpool at Old Trafford earlier this season?
3 Picture round. Who’s this?
4 Which English league team did serial killer Harold Shipman support in his youth?
5 Which current Middlesbrough player was born in Mozambique?
6 The club crest challenge:

Answers after the click…

The answers be here…

1 Nigel Quashie, aka Mr Relegation
2 Paul Scholes
3 Luis Boa Morte
4 Notts County
5 Abel Xavier
6 Benfica

So how was it for you?

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  1. Rob P says:

    Four, again. Didn’t get Scholes or Shipman’s team (although I’m quite glad about not knowing the latter!).

  2. Billyo says:

    3. Failed on the final three after a storming start. Got fooled by S.L.B on the badge into thinking it was Sporting Lisbon.

  3. Zoe says:

    Just a question: why is that crest so American?

  4. Visser says:

    I only got Quashie and Boa Morte – hard this week.

  5. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Billyo, you’ve had a Kevin Keegan/Newcastle moment there. ‘I would love it, just love it, if I could get all six right in the quiz…’

  6. OmegaSupremeho says:

    2. I have NO recollection of that Sh**e V Manu game, None, which is a bit concerning.

  7. Andrew Enloe says:

    4. Missed Notts County and Paul Scholes.

  8. Da says:

    2/6!! =o
    not good enough…only got the quashie and benfica answers….

  9. Sam E says:

    5/6. Not bad for a first attempt at ‘The Fiendish Friday Quiz’. Didn’t have a clue who Shipman Supported.