Retro Football: Cracking Video Shows Progression Of FIFA Games From 1993’s ‘FIFA International Soccer’ Onward

Chris Wright

27th, September 2013


By Chris Wright

With FIFA 14 being released today as the franchise moves into its 21st year, we were suddenly overcome by a potent gust of nostalgic whimsy as our minds were instantly cast back to the very first game in the series: 1993’s FIFA International Soccer, which we spent countless hours poring over on the Mega Drive. David Platt on the front cover if memory serves. The skew-whiff isometric view rendering the thing nerve-shreddingly annoying at every turn, quite literally!

Anyway, as per usual with this kind of thing, we fumbled Youtube-wards and set about reacquainting ourselves and duly stumbled across this little corker of a video, which details the progression of the FIFA series from that maiden outing in 1993/94 right though to last year’s bells-and-whistles affair…

We’d have to pick FIFA 99 as our personal favourite of EA Sports’ oeuvre, though that’s also the same year we stopped playing it so, who knows, any of the 2000-2013 editions may have been far, far superior.

What say you?

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  1. Zam says:

    World Cup 98, and World Cup 2010 were the best. World Cup 2022 is going to be amazing.

  2. Tom the bees fan says:

    I had the first one you could play as ea sports all stars v quatar and win about 200-0

  3. Rory says:

    I liked FIFA 98 solely for the indoor football mode, I dunno why they ditched that. Pro Evo 6 was the pinnacle of football games.

  4. Sikor says:

    FIFA 2002 was the best by far

  5. Straight Dave says:

    Which was the version of PES which had Adriano on it with his unstoppable left foot hammer? Ah, the good old days of trying to scroll through the teams the quickest in order to select Inter Milan for the above reason. He was ridiculous on it, you basically shot from anywhere 35 yards or closer and it flew in nearly every time.

  6. Hirsty says:

    I think I turned to PES after 2000, that being the one with the American commentary and piss poor goalkeeping if I recall. I played the absolute shit out of ’98, though.

  7. Whizz says:

    I can’t believe i just watched all ten and a half minutes of video game footage!

  8. Nabz says:

    Absolutely loved Fifa ’98 Road to World Cup. Probably the first PC game i spent my whole summer holidays on! Played the season mode with United, getting Sheringham and Beckham to score 70+ goals a season!
    Indoor Court + UFO Cheat were epic! Ahhhh good old memories.

    Dint really like the first few versions of Winning Eleven/PES due to horrible graphics but once I got down to playing it circa 2004, I got addicted to the master league (plus Fifa had become such repetitive shite). Since then it had been non-stop PES till the new gen devices came along (ps3/xbox360). PES made an horrible attempt to compete on it. PES 2008 was average, PES2009 was broken, PES2010 was even worse, PES2011 just pissed me off to try the revolutionized FIFA 11. Fifa 12 was epic and Fifa 13 is great but a bit frustrating.
    Haven’t tried any of 2014 titles yet, any suggestions on what is better?

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