The Fiendish Friday Quiz


13th, July 2007


1 CSM Reşiţa, FC Universitatea Craiova, Ajax Amsterdam, AS Roma (current). Whose career?
2 Which European club’s crest features a female wolf?
3 Picture round: who ‘dis?
4 During the Fascist era in Italy, which club changed its name to Ambrosiana?
5 Who is the only player to have scored in the Champions League with five different clubs (a bonus point for naming them all)?
6 The club crest challenge:
Answers after the click…

1 Christian Chivu
2 AS Roma
3 Simone Perrotta
4 Inter Milan
5 Hernan Crespo: he has scored for Parma, Inter, AC Milan, Chelsea and Lazio
6 Independiente
So how did you fare this week?

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  1. mof gimmers says:

    I sorry 2/6 this week.
    A toughie!
    Good fact about Inter too!

  2. Glenn says:

    just the first 2 for me

  3. Rob P says:

    That’s a tough ‘un, Mr Irish. Just the first two for me as well.

  4. hehe says:

    best result 4 me (4), first two was easy, independiente and inter was lucky shots, i was wondering which italian club has to rename because of
    mussolini, so internazionale was the name. And i was
    thinking of crespo but i didn’t realize he was playing in lazio and parma in cl. I was thinking of anelka too but i count only 4 cl clubs he play andf score for (psg, real, arsenal, fenerbahce).

  5. HeyDingis says:

    I also got 4 out of 6. I missed Perrotta (I thougth it was Bianchi, since he has been in the news), and I missed Crespo. I thought it was Morientes, though I could only name his four clubs. I assumed there was a fifth I didn’t know.

  6. Matthew Burke says:

    4/6, ‘as usual’
    i didn’t know for Inter
    and Crespo was difficult to get, even if it seems quite obvious after reading the answer
    friday afternoon laziness, i guess

  7. OmegaSupreme says:

    Rock this week. Guessed Seidorf for 5, I mean he’s won it with about 9 teams so FTW ? Weak badge btw Independiente, might won’t to jazz it up with a swords etc.