The Tuesday Teaser

Ollie Irish

5th, February 2008

Three footballers, each one crudely represented by a set of photo clues. Guess who they are (answers after the click)…
1. 0000034420_20061020200542.jpgdancer_2.jpg
2. iphone.jpgjaws.jpg50370719.JPG
3. fGuyed_v2_72.jpggcg_kar-sax_ad3239.jpg
Answers after the click…

1. Junior Agogo
(Corrado ‘Junior’ Soprano from The Sopranos and a go-go dancer)
2. Steve Finnan (Steve Jobs, Apple head honcho, a shark’s fin, and a naan bread)
3. Petr Cech (Peter Griffin from Family Guy and a check-mate position in chess)
Anyone get all three?

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