The Tuesday Teaser

Ollie Irish

19th, February 2008

Three footballers, each one represented by a set of photo clues. Guess who they are (answers after the click). Lateral thinking required…
1. michelangelo.jpgeceqefqefeqwfq.jpg
2. 189880.jpgsica8sya98.jpg
3. 070214g_vmed3p.widec.jpgedf3f312f3f.jpgC10079564.jpg

1. David James
(Michelangelo’s David, and author James Joyce)
2. Jermaine Pennant (Jermaine Jackson, and a pennant)
3. Stephen Warnock (Stephen Hawking, the movie War Games, and a knock at the door)
Get ’em all, chaps and chapesses?

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