Darren Bent chooses FIFA over Pro Evo

Ollie Irish

25th, October 2009



For me, this is the biggest football news of the weekend. Thanks for letting us know which way you swing, DB, and enjoy playing with yourself (ahem).

A couple of weeks on from my positive ‘first impressions’ review of FIFA 10, I’m still playing the game and it’s still a lot of fun – except when you go online and get pwned by some 12-year-old scamp who will only play as Barcelona or Real Madrid.

That said, I will get PES 2010 too, just to see how it measures up. It would feel like a betrayal not to.

Pro Evo 2010 v FIFA 10: which one will you buy?

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  1. Chringle says:

    I’ve returned my copy of PES 2010 less than 12 hours after recieving it. It is absolute crap. I refuse to let Konami take my money for what is a thinly veiled rehash of an already flawed product.

    It is EXACTLY the same game as PES 2009 with a new step over and the choice of tucked in/untucked shirts added.

    Does anybody test Pro Evo for Konami anymore? All the flaws are immediately apparent.

  2. oller says:

    untucked shirts you say…..

  3. Joe says:

    Chringle, Konami just know that there will always be smug twunts who will buy it over FIFA and be all condescending when their friends don’t. “Oh you got FIFA did you? No, I didn’t, I prefer games where the physics are actually realistic rather than shiny real clubs.” It’s like BMW: they could release a turd with a white and blue shield on it and insufferable gits who work in marketing will still buy it.

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