Micah Richards Feels Roy’s Wrath, Is Snubbed By Hodgson After Stand-By Sulk

Alan Duffy

23rd, May 2012


By Alan Duffy

Man City’s Micah Richards has been overlooked by new England boss Roy Hodgson for England’s upcoming Norway friendly, with Liverpool man Martin Kelly getting a surprise call-up instead.

It seems that Richards was none too pleased to firstly be excluded from Hodgson’s 23-man squad for Euro 2012 and then to learn that, while Hodgson had phoned the other players on the stand-by list, he hadn’t called the City star.  Richards subsequently turned down the stand-by place, a move which obviously didn’t impress the Three Lions boss.

Richards has a history of throwing his toys out of the pram, but whatever you think of Hodgson’s original decision not to include the full-back in the England squad, fair play to him for standing firm.

As for Martin Kelly, good luck to him. Although as an Irishman myself, I was hoping that, with a name like ‘Kelly’, the youngster would pull a granny or two out of the bag and opt for the Boys In Green!


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  1. Mr Sensible says:

    Hodgson definitely likes his Liverpool players. Fair enough I guess, wrong attitude from Richards although personally I rate Richards far more than Johnson.

  2. pray4muamba says:

    as he should! micah has worn the armband in place of kompany this season several times as providing an iron defence. what has glen johnson done for liverpool besides cut his hair and launch long balls straight into the opponents defence??

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good luck Kelly lad!

  4. badffffffvg says:

    care to back that “toys out of the pram” comment up? Micah has no such “history” all he has been guilty of is being overlooked by england managers. Martin Kelly? what a joke

  5. dc says:

    micah richards still being excluded from the england team and the most overrated player in the prem playing for the most overrated team in the prem gets the starting spot and his understudy who’s only played a few handfuls of games gets the 3rd spot. for england, sounds about right.

  6. Toz says:


    Never heard of punctuation, have you lad?

  7. Coolie says:

    @dc I think you will find that nobody rates Liverpool.

  8. Alex says:

    Got nothing but sympathy for Micah. Had he been fit Kyle walker would’ve started I’m in doubt of that but surely micah Richards warrants inclusion in the squad far more then the two Liverpool flops

  9. Frost says:

    dc is a troll. A shit one at that. Nice grammar, brah..

    Anyway, ”bad-” is right, Alan. Hate to say it because I hate City.

  10. james says:

    Not great man management by hodgson. without getting into the johnson/richards/gormless jones debate hodgson should have called micah in case this kind of injury situation occured. It would have taken him .5 of an hour at the most and might have kepth the player happy. thats just basic man management

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