Panama’s Critica Newspaper Laments Mexico’s ‘F*cking Chilena’

Paul Sorene

14th, October 2013


WCup Mexico Panama WCup Soccer

The English language is Britain’s gift to the colonies and the world. Panama’s Critica newspapers is well-versed in English. No other language will do when those Mexicans have defeated Panama in a CONCACAF World Cup qualifier. The  decisive goal in a 2-1 win was a whirling bicycle kick (chilena) from Raul Jiménez.

Critica explains:

panama mexico


Mexi -effin’ – co:

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  1. TravisKOP says:

    was a great goal but they’ve been bloody awful all qualifying

  2. Jarren says:

    I fully expect the Daily Mail to run the same thing on their front page if Poland beat England today.

  3. nat says:

    that goal totally deserves that headline. Don’t even mind them mentioning mothers.

  4. Tom says:

    Hello guys! I saw your page about Panama’s news paper headline and had to laugh! It was a harsh tournament and daydreaming during the game cost us (Panama) that bloody game. Now I also thought it might me interesting, perhaps even funny (or not) for you to know the understory of that heading. A few days before that game our beloved president who was being insensitively questioned during a TV interview about he scandal with Italian personalities (Berlusconi of course) seems to have lost all his composure and answered a question made by the reporter, on national television, with the following reply “I don’t need a FUCKING cent.” That’s part of the reason why the newspaper used the headline aside from the obvious these was indeed a FUCKING Chilena!

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