England Won’t Be Playing Against Spain At The Bernabeu Any Time Soon And It’s All Gerard Pique’s Fault

Chris Wright

7th, September 2015



The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) have announced that their upcoming international friendly against England will no longer be played at the Bernabeu due to concerns over crowd hostility toward Gerard Pique.

The game, coming up on 13th November, was due to be staged at Real Madrid’s 85,454-seater stadium but has now been relocated to the 30,000-capacity Jose Rico Perez stadium in Alicante, home to Hercules CF.

A statement from the RFEF read:

In the event that Spain qualify directly for Euro 2016, they will face England in an international friendly that will take place at Alicante’s Jose Rico Perez stadium on Friday, November 13, using a FIFA date.

While no specific mention of the Pique situation was made, AS are reporting that the RFEF were keen to switch venues because of fears that the Barcelona defender would be booed and jeered by the Madrid crowd over his staunch and public support of Catalan independence.

Pique was heckled throughout Spain’s Euro 2016 qualifier against Slovakia in Oviedo on Saturday and the RFEF are certain that he’ll come in for an even heavier slanging in Madrid.

Indeed, allied to his political stance, Pique is also reviled by Real Madrid fans for the manner in which he celebrated Barca’s title win at the end of last season, during which he had a minor dig at Cristiano Ronaldo and his ill-timed birthday party.

Good to see everybody is behaving like adults about this, no?

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  1. Peak'ey says:

    His political stance it’s not the cause they’re jeering Piqué. The booeing started after that Kevin Roldán / Cristiano Ronaldo dig last june, and not before that. Spanish press, controled by Florentino Pérez and far right wing parties, twisted this affair making about Piqué’s opinion about catalan independence – which, by the way, it’s not that Catalonia should break with Spain but that people should vote in a referendum regarding independence.

    • Zizou says:

      “Spanish press, controled by Florentino Pérez and far right wing parties” Hahahaha, you just make my day!

      What about people getting tired about his childish attitude and complete lack of fair play? It’s sad how many people play the “oppressed catalan” card when they are criticized for something complete different. He is just an Ass****, aside from his ability to play football or his political views.

      • Josep says:

        Eurhm…, isn’t that exactly what he said?

      • Peak'ey says:

        Lack of fair play? WTF are you talking about?

        His supposed “childish attitude” is just a mere excuse for picking on him. What about Sergio Ramos? He always acts like a full grown up, doesn’t he?

        And check your facts about spanish media. One thing is to be an ignorant, but being an ignorant an brag about it… Such a shame.

      • Peak'ey says:

        And OH YES, they’ve made this about Piqué’s supposed political stances – which, by the way, do not lean towards catalonian independence. Check spanish TV shows, or Twitter: It’s not Piqué who’s playing the “oppressed catalonian” card. In fact, he hasn’t said a thing to defend himself in this affair.

  2. Mr Sensible says:

    But his middle name is Bernabeu?

  3. Bob says:

    How much in losses through ticket sales?

  4. maria says:

    Almost. In Spain you have two surnames but generally only use the first one. Your father’s first surname and your mother’s first surname are passed on. Pique’s father is Joan Pique + another name (can’t find it) and his mother is called Montserrat Bernabeu + another name so his full name is Gerard Pique Bernabeu.

    Quite a coincidence :)

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