Trabzonspor Players To Wear Police Berets In Tribute To Officers Killed By Besiktas Stadium Bombing

Chris Wright

12th, December 2016



Trabzonspor have announced that their players will take to the pitch wearing police berets in memory of the people killed by bomb blasts outside Besiktas’ Vodafone Arena on Saturday.

According to reports, two devices went off around 90 minutes after the final whistle of Besiktas’ 2-1 win over Bursaspor and killed 29 people, 27 of whom were police officers.

While the government declared a national day of mourning, thousands of people took to the streets of Istanbul to protest against terrorism while Turkish football also united in the face of chaos.

This was perhaps best exemplified when, the day after the bombing, Galatasaray forward Yasin Oztenkin celebrated his goal against Gaziantepspor by rushing over to the corner of the pitch and embracing several of the police officers on duty…

As previously mentioned, Trabzonspor have also confirmed that they plan to pay tribute by taking to the pitch ahead of Wednesday night’s cup game against Konyaspor while wearing police badges.

According to a brief statement issued on the club’s Instagram account, the players will also wear a special shirt for the evening that features the emblem of the national Turkish police force on the chest…

Şehit Düşen Polislerimizin Aziz Hatırasına #PolisiminYanındayım Çarşamba günü (14.12.2016) Türkiye Kupası’nda Atiker Konyaspor’la karşılaşacak takımımız maç öncesi seremoniye polis kepleri ile çıkacak. Yönetim Kurulumuzun aldığı karara göre, “bütün ülkeyi acıya boğan hain saldırıda şehit düşen polislerimizin aziz hatırasına” Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğümüzün amblemi de formalarımızın göğüs kısmında yer alacak. Takımımız, Atiker Konyaspor maçına beyaz formalarla çıkacak. Bizler, vatanı ve milleti için göğüs göğüse çarpışmaktan geri durmayan polislerimizin hatırasını o gün göğsümüzde taşıyacağız. Trabzonspor Kulübü olarak polisimizin yanındayız.

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A lovely little gesture from one club to another.

Cracking stuff.

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  1. oz says:

    yeah yeah very lovely…

    when Turkish police murders citizens and 15 year olds the shirt doesn’t change. when Turkish state murders thousand Turkish (!) citizens in the Kurdish region and threatens Deniz Naki with jail for just saying his opinion about the massacre, then no one cares.

    Their lives doesn’t matter? I guess it’s not so cracking stuff…

    Off course i’m disgusted by the attack. But also from hypocrisy.

  2. Legion says:

    The most disgusting thing is that Turks consistently murder their ethnic minorities and think they can just go about their business as usual. Everybody hates Turkey after they started supporting ISIS, Al-qaeda, flooded Europe with terrorists and for their leaps and bounds in destroying democracy, human rights and science. The middle east is Jahannam on earth and deserves no sympathy or crocodile tears.

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