‘The Chocolate Melts In The Sun’ – Spartak Moscow Draw Ire With Racially Insensitive Tweet About Group Of Black Players

Chris Wright

13th, January 2018


Spartak Moscow have sent a wave of consternation across social media today after posting a racially insensitive Tweet.

The Russian club shared a video of several black players training in the sun in Abu Dhabi, along with the caption “See the chocolate melts in the sun”, with a few chocolate emojis thrown in for good measure.

Image: Twitter

Spartak have already been punished by UEFA for racism this season having been fined £33,000 for offences committed by their fans during a Champions League tie against Liverpool in October.

They are also currently being investigated by UEFA over allegations that Reds youngster Rhian Brewster was racially abused during a UEFA Youth League match at the Spartak Academy in Moscow back in December.

Unsurprisingly, this latest lapse has drawn ire from just about everybody.

Anti-racism campaigner Piara Powar told BBC Sport:

Racism is one of the biggest issues Russia faces in the year they host the World Cup. References like this show how some minorities are seen by some in the country.

For Russia’s biggest club to tolerate and then celebrate racist references of this kind is wrong.

They were sanctioned for Islamophobic chanting recently but clearly the message has not reached the players or the club management.


There are reports that Spartak’s Twitter account was actually being controlled by defender Georgi Dzhikiya at the time the tweet in question was posted.

Not that it makes much of a difference, of course.

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  1. HAHA says:

    Fucking hilarious

  2. Jurma says:

    Notice how it’s 10 seconds in on a 13 second video, was it all focused on the black players or are you being yet another piss-the-pants SJW?

  3. QPR 67 says:

    Were the Hot Chocolate racist? You know, the disco / soul band. From memory they were all black, so they must have been really pissed off about their name. How about Vanilla Ice? SURELY, if you can’t call a black man “chocolate”, then you shouldn’t call a white man “vanilla”..? So he must have been really racist too! More to the point, if the video was of white Spartak players and the caption read “see a white chocolate melt in the sun” or whatever, would have anyone noticed? What nonsense!

  4. QPR no says:

    Some absolutely dreadful comments here. When you have to twist the story so much to defend racism, maybe its time to reevaluate your life.

  5. JP says:

    Where do these cunts come from? Does a light go off in the cunt cave so they know to get onto Pies and defend their beloved racism?

  6. QPR 67 says:

    We’re not “defending racism”, we’re saying this ISN’T, actually, racism. Nazi Germany was racist, this is just friendly banter. Worth mentioning that none of the black players in the video were hurt or upset by that caption. Not before the SJW morons blew it up, not after.

    What can be so upsetting in being called chocolate anyway? Chocolate isn’t a dirty word, it doesn’t mean anything bad, or imply that someone is ugly or stupid. Chocolate is good. In fact it’s great. Everyone loves chocolate. If anything, these gentlemen should be delighted to be called “chocolate”! I would.

    As for the “maybe its time to reevaluate your life” comment, I wonder what makes you so smart and gives you the right to say something like that? I’m doing fine with my life, thank you. Maybe YOU should reevaluate your life, and do something that is REALLY useful for society, you know, instead of vehemently looking for any sign of racism, especially in places where there isn’t any.

    P.S. Loved the “cunt cave” comment – hillarious!

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