England: Jamie Vardy Effectively Retires From International Football After Phone Conversation With Gareth Southgate

Chris Wright

28th, August 2018


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Jamie Vardy has effectively retired from international football after telling England manager Gareth Southgate that he “feels the time is right” to remove himself from contention.

Vardy reportedly informed Southgate that a number of factors have influenced his decision, including his age (31), his desire to spend more time at home with his family, and being intent on prolonging his club career as much as possible.

As per the Telegraph, the Leicester City forward has also accepted that he is unlikely to feature much for England in the future even if he does remain part of the squad.

Having amassed 26 caps since his first call-up in May 2015, Vardy told Southgate that he was thinking about calling it quits shortly before the Three Lions returned home from the World Cup.

This was later reaffirmed in a phone call with Southgate approximately a fortnight ago, when the England boss contacted Vardy to ask if he’d changed his mind ahead of upcoming fixtures against Spain and Switzerland.

Not that Vardy made the most memorable impact on the international scene, but his withdrawal further weakens England’s already fairly weak attacking options.

Beyond Harry Kane, we’re left with Danny Welbeck, Marcus Rashford, Daniel Sturridge, Andy Carroll, and possibly Tammy Abraham and Dominic Solanke as potential foils.

There was a time when Robbie Fowler, Ian Wright, Les Ferdinand and Andy Cole couldn’t get a regular cap.

Bloomin’ heck. Where did all the strikers go?

UPDATE: Along with Vardy, Gary Cahill has also announced that he is calling time on his England career after recognising that it is the “perfect time” to step aside and let  the younger generation take over.

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  1. Maria says:

    >Bloomin’ heck. Where did all the strikers go?

    For the top four leagues in Europe (as of 03/2017)
    EPL – 64% foreign players
    Bundesliga – 53%
    Serie A – 52%
    La Liga – 43%

    You have fewer English players at the top, you have less choice.

    • Stevo says:

      I never really buy the “too many foreigners” argument. If the potential England players aren’t good enough to get a regular game over foreigners, I can’t see that they’re going to be much worth in an international side anyway.
      There’s exceptions to this of course, but for every England player crowded out, there’s another flourishing by playing with better players around him.

  2. Bruno says:

    I think Kane, Rashford and Vardy are very good options. The rest are way below them, in my opinion. Vardy is a considerable loss and – if you consider his age, where he is now and where he was just a few years ago – it also shows that international football is not as important today as it once was (to the players at least). But we all know that…

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