Snapshot: Ronaldo Bids The Footballing World Goodbye (With Videos)

By Chris Wright

As you may be aware, Ronaldo played his final competitive game last night – playing for the last 15 minutes of the first-half of Brazil’s 1-0 friendly win over Romania in Sao Paulo.

Sadly, Ron didn’t manage to grab the decisive goal (Fred had put Brazil a goal up before El Fenomeno entered the fray), though he did manage to fluff two or three decent chances to extend the lead during the brief period he spent on the pitch – chances he would have buried in his prime.

We’ve got hold of a few photos and video clips of the evening’s festivities for you to flick through.

Ronaldo makes his final appearance…

Ronaldo leaves the pitch for the final time…

Highlights of the game…

Ronaldo laughs off the spurned chances (skip to 2:40 to see the actual misses)…

Farewell, Senhor Nazario de Lima, and well played.

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  1. gaptooth says:

    what a LEGEND

  2. newcassel says:

    He ate all them pies

  3. wiggs says:

    True potential Sex God. There, I got it in first. Hopefully that will stop the usual tw*t posting his drivel.

    (Oh, and cheers Ronaldo! Legend! Shockingly bad miss on the second attempt, but utter legend!)

  4. jesse says:

    Maybe the best ought and ought striker of the modern era. along with paulo maldini the first two names off my lips in a world 11

    Ronaldo Luis Nazario De Lima,
    Slán agus go raibh maith agat

  5. wtfmate says:


  6. Soccer Professional says:

    ah yes, Ronaldo

    as stated before, a truly undisputed Sex God

  7. Jack says:

    ‘wtfmate’ – you’re confused mate, there is a f*cking twat called ‘Sex God’ who writes the same inane nonsense comments after every story, that’s what wiggs is talking about, keep it up wiggs, I can’t f*cking stand that moron, can’t believe he hasn’t left his standard ‘future potential sex god…blah blah blah f*cking nonsense’ comment on this story yet to be honest.
    ANYWAY…Ronaldo – without doubt the best striker I have ever seen (I even wanted that shitty little half haircut he had when I was in school ha!)

  8. Shane says:

    I’d say there’s a point in fitness where that nose band stops having the desired effect……..and he’s well past it!

  9. Dennis says:

    One of the best players I’ve seen at the Philips Stadion in Eindhoven.
    Truly magnificent!

  10. dave says:

    i miss him already

  11. Soccer Professional says:

    @Soccer Professional

    once again you took the words right out of my mouth, sir!

    you really may have some Sex God understudy potential!

  12. Hottt Dude says:

    ronaldo is so hottt

  13. Soccer Professional says:

    @Sex God

    dont say that to me you little loser. it was a joke. you and your stupid “Sex God” shit can fuck off and leave this website now you wanker

  14. Sex God says:

    @Soccer Professional

    oh okay then

    i apologise for my idiotic behaviour and i will leave this websitte as i am a raging homosexual

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  16. wolfusa says:

    @ Sex God and Soccer Professional

    Thank you for the laughs, and for realizing that soccer is not a war. People should lighten up a bit, eh?

    That said, it makes me sad to see the true ronaldo go out in such an awkward fashion. Dude did not make all the best choices, but he was scary good when he was young.

  17. Ventilan says:

    a sad day.

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