Adidas Launch Crazy New Limited Edition Boots – Yohji Yamamoto Y-3 Adizero F50s (Photos)

Chris Wright

25th, October 2013


By Chris Wright

AJS_Adidas_Yamamoto F50_Boots_0106_LoRes

Wow. Just…wow! What you’re staring in disbelief at here are the new, limited edition F50s which have been designed for Adidas by acclaimed Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto and are to be worn this weekend by the likes of David Alaba and Lucas Moura among others.

Limited to a run of 2,000 pairs, Yamamoto’s design features an “imperial lion-dog”, which were said to guard Japanese emperors back in days of yore – though, according to the blurb, “the traditional design has been placed in the context of Japan’s modern sci-fi culture creating a spiritual connection between the past and the future.”

If you fancy a pair, they’re going to set you back over £200, but rest assured you’re getting a unique pair of boots if you decide to dip into the car insurance fund or not eat for a fortnight, etc.

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We can’t quite decide if we love them or find them truly ghastly at the moment! What say you?

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  1. Ross says:

    Inevitable that the successful collaboration would take a plunge into the footballing arena after years of success in the fashion industry.
    Although I like the idea of a one off boot design, I have to say that these are over kill! Much better than the pink Nike boots players wear now though.
    Has any one came across the white Mundials?
    Think I will stick with my BlackOut Predators :)

  2. Joe says:

    If it wasn’t for the huge sums adidas et al put into FIFA’s coffers, this sort of stupid shit would’ve been knocked on the head ages ago.

  3. Ryan says:

    These aren’t new. They did these sort of boots years ago, there were two other designs too. There were dragon ones.

  4. Gabe says:

    I want to hate them, but honestly.. I can’t!

  5. JJ says:

    This design is f’in AWESOME!

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