Shit Football Ink: Thiago Messi Lends Helping Hand By ‘Finishing Off Daddy’s Tattoo’ (Photo)

Chris Wright

31st, December 2014

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By Chris Wright

As posted up on Instagram by his girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo, here’s Lionel Messi’s two-year-old sprog, Thiago, lending a helping hand by “finishing off Daddy’s (dreadful) tattoo” with a purple felt tip…


To be fair to the little mite, it’s difficult to tell which bits are Thiago’s scribbles and which bits are professionally rendered.

That football looks like Clipart for God’s sake!

(Image: antoroccuzzo88/Instagram)

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1 Comment

  1. Nick says:

    I’ll give you the football is a bit boring but the rest is actually very well done. As a fan (who has many himself) of traditional style tattoos that’s a really well done example, though in just black ink where most are in color in that style

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