The Black-And-White Years: Portuguese Amateur Goalkeeper’s Protective Headgear Puts Petr Cech To Shame, 1967 (Photo)

Chris Wright

6th, January 2015


By Chris Wright

This here be a vintage team photo (taken outside the public toilet, no less) of the 1967 Leões FC squad, who hailed from the coastal town of Peniche in Portugal.

They’re a rag-tage bunch and no mistake, but Pies’ eye was instantly drawn to the protective headgear (let alone the jazzy kneepads!) being worn by goalkeeper on the far right…

Leões Futebol Club_67

Would you look at that thing? It looks like he’s got a sponge cake on his head…


That handsome (possibly fake) moustache ain’t bad either…


And is that Robin van Persie’s long-lost Portuguese grandfather we spy front and centre?


Blimey! Who knew history could be so much fun?

(Image: Paintings In Gold Coast/thanks to Pies fan @melgamike for the tip-off!)