Shit Football Kits: Norwich City’s New 2015/16 Third Strip Is An Absolute Eyesore (Photo)

Chris Wright

21st, July 2015


By Chris Wright

Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck…


What a miserable sight. No wonder Mr Mulumbu looks so disenchanted.

In fact, all Norwich’s kits for next season are equally hideous and all entirely the same colour…


Guys, we appreciate that nobody else in the Premier League plays in canary yellow and green but still, we can’t help but feel you’re kind of missing the point here.

(Photo: @NorwichCityFC)

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  1. Sultan says:

    Canary jersey is awful..what are they thinking ? On the contrary, the green jersey isn’t that bad !!! Ahh my eyes….

  2. Steve Wonder says:

    I like this.

  3. Fat Nakago says:

    YAY!! My 2nd favourite team in the Prem has a shit kit!!

    I absolutely MUST HAVE!!

    Not quite 1992-93, but….oh HELL yes!!


  4. KentK says:

    Wow, you would think Norwich could spend some of the PL TV cash on professional designers. The block with text on horizontal stripes? How many execs signed off on this? Kickbacks, nepotism or something else.

  5. roxy says:

    looks aight

  6. Pepe Grenouille says:

    Not that it’s pretty at all but this kit is actually better than the other ones. At least they’ve drawn design inspiration from somewhere other than the Conference 20 years ago

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