‘Paella Vomit’ – Spain’s Outlandish New Euro 2016 Away Kit Is Certain To Divide Opinion (Photos)

Chris Wright

11th, November 2015



Photo via Footy Headlines

While the home kit is a fairly standard and sedate Roja-themed effort, Adidas have slapped their balls out of the bath in designing Spain’s change strip for Euro 2016.

Described in various quarters as a “waking nightmare” and looking like “paella vomit”, the predominantly white shirt features a tessellating cascade of coloured triangles over the chest, ranging from ‘Charred Habanero’ to ‘Dreamy Blancmange’ (approximately) on the Dulux colour chart.

Here’s the rest of the leaked images…


Whisper it, but we actually sort of like it.

In fact, it puts us in mind of the 1988/90 Germany shirt, which is never a bad thing in our book.

What’s the verdict Pies fans? Si y no?

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  1. Danforth says:

    Um, probably no. As a fan of symmetry, this thing hurts my eyes. It still would be passable if not for the random triangles on the front bottom, or the slightly visible pattern over the left shoulder from behind. What’s up with that?! That said, the core concept isn’t that bad, a decent kit could still be salvaged.

  2. Mr Sensible says:

    The pattern just seems too generic, like you would see it as a backdrop to a really boring Insurance company conference.

    The iconic German kit was far more dynamic with a direct reference to the German flag. This is just a mess and bland.

    Why are there red marks on the sides of the main picture but not anywhere else? I noticed Adidas moved the 3 striped down to the side of the shirts, this one seems to have none anywhere which seems to be a very bold move from Adidas.

  3. Sjakie Meulemans says:


  4. Bob says:

    They should just stick a Miro on their kit and be done with it. They use one for their tourist board and their national symbol, and they look amazing.

  5. Murray says:

    Should be nominated for Best Kit of 1994.

  6. EDub says:

    I like it – asymmetrical disorder, coupled with the geometric sharpness of the triangles.

    It’s cool!

  7. David says:

    I respect them for the ballsy move and it is a bit of a throwback to that famous Germany shirt. I see what people are saying about the asymmetric vibe, not everyone’s cup of tea.

    It’ll be a memorable one if they ever wear it though.

  8. StevoMrH says:

    I think this is class. I wonder what other teams will get this template? Would like to see it in different colours.

  9. Jarren says:

    You couldn’t pay me to wear that.

    Hey, fashion goes in cycles. Just happens this current cycle is not my cup of tea.

  10. jackie wilshere says:

    its a bit fugly but i like it

  11. Jorge says:

    The British press is pathetic

  12. flamenca says:

    Los británicos saben mucho sobre vomitar paella…

  13. ng says:

    That’s what happens when they say that it is Paella and there are chorizo bites … lol

  14. Fan says:

    I hate to say it, but at the end “Si y no?” means “If and no?”. It should be “¿Sí o no?” (Yes or no?).

  15. IPM says:

    I am sorry to say that there is a typo at the end of the article. It should say: <>
    English people think they are the “belly button of the universe”…. rather than “children of Great Britain” (dont use google translator for these two idioms please)

  16. Peter says:

    We Brits always doing the same, we are so right, everyone else so wrong… Gosh!

  17. Luis says:

    Who made that comment about the shirt , it is clear who has never eaten a “paella valenciana” , because with the ingredients you have it is impossible that red color. Maybe they have given a plate of rice and other things and they told him he was taking paella

  18. Iko says:

    To be honest, this t-shirt doesn’t look like a “paella vomit”! (or who said that he/she has never tested / seen a real paella). Anyway, being Spanish like myself, I must say that the t-shirt is awful! Who did that? Who approved this as our national football t-shirt? I feel ashamed!

  19. Chris says:

    Easily the best away strip I’ve seen in a very long time and I’m critical!

  20. George Washington says:

    There are no British lions. They are rats.

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