New Nike Tiempo Legend VI Boots Aren’t Black, But They’re Still Quite Nice Regardless (Photos)

Chris Wright

19th, November 2015

Paolo Maldini and Romario going at it at the 1994 World Cup. That’s the image we have in our heads whenever we heard the Nike Tiempo mentioned.

Plain black leather boots with a fold-over tongue, a white swoosh and N-I-K-E emblazoned in huge lettering across the heel. Nothing comes close.

Over 20 years later, Nike are still pumping out new Tiempo designs but none can hold a candle to the glorious originals.

That said, while they may not be classic black, the latest futuristic incarnation of Nike’s fundamental boot line are still really rather pleasing to the eye – coming with internal foot cages, microfibre sockliners, silicone cushioning pods and minimal stitching as they do.

Introducing the Nike Tiempo Legend 6…


Very smart, but we’d still take the ’94 vintage any old day of the week.

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