Presenting The Finest Rene Higuita ‘Scorpion Kick’ Fancy Dress Costume You’re Ever Likely To See (Photos)

Chris Wright

9th, December 2016

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Soccer - Colombia v England

Sit tight, dear friends, for you are about to witness what is undoubtedly the finest example of a Rene Higuita fancy dress costume ever conceived and concocted by the mind of man.

The tip-off came from Daniel Storey, friend o’ Pies (and the newly-crowned FSF Football Writer of the Year, no less!), who shared a photo of the magnificent get-up his friend Ed created for a fancy dress party on Thursday evening.

Funnily enough, turns out Storey wasn’t over-egging the pudding.

In fact, you might want to position yourself over your antique Victorian fainting couch for this one…


Photo: @danielstorey85/Twitter

That’s the unmistakable guise of Higuita, fully-splayed in trademark ‘Scorpion Kick’ pose, hovering mere centimetres above the Wembley pitch circa 1995.

He even managed to source an era-appropriate vivid neon goalkeeper jersey to complete the ensemble.

The reverse view shows just how in-depth the costume really was (right down to the auxiliary pair of boots)…


Absolutely world class. Utterly, utterly inspired.

That definitely gets a big ten thumbs-up from Rene…


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1 Comment

  1. Stu says:

    This may challenge Jesus’ birthday for the best thing to happen in December 2016.

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