West Ham Offer Jilted Fans Questionable ‘Deal’ On Returned Dimitri Payet Replica Shirts

Chris Wright

30th, January 2017

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In the wake Dimitri Payet of successfully wriggling his way back to Marseille, it’s fair to say that many West Hams have been left feeling a little short-changed by the Frenchman’s little power play – many in a quite literal sense.

Indeed, one aggrieved fan contacted chief executive Karren Brady to inquire as to whether the Hammers would be reimbursing people who had spent money on Payet replica shirts before the whole thing turned sour.

After mulling it over, Brady then announced that, as a goodwill initiative, any jilted West Ham fan with a Payet jersey would be able to return it to the club shop and pick up a replacement for just £25…

Many fans then commended Brady and the club for the gesture which, ostensibly at least, seemed incredibly fair…

However, many folks then started doing the sums only to eventually twig that the offer isn’t quite as generous as it initially sounds.

As a couple of people duly pointed out, Brady’s ‘deal’ actually means that fans are in essence being asked to shell out upwards of £85 to end up with just one replica jersey…

Shady Lady Brady strikes again.

In the Premier League, as in life, always read the small print.

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1 Comment

  1. Maria says:

    Pfft, you buy a shirt, you know there is a possibility that the player may leave in any window, particularly if it’s a foreign player. Why an adult would buy a shirt with a player’s name on it is beyond me anyway.

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