Russian Cosmonauts Test World Cup ‘Adidas Telstar 18’ Match Ball On Board International Space Station (Photos & Video)

Chris Wright

1st, June 2018

Image: @CGTN/Twitter

Just to make doubly sure we’re not stumbling headlong into another ‘Jabulani situation’, the new Adidas match-ball being used at the 2018 World Cup has been rigorously tested under all manner of stresses and pressures.

Indeed, thanks to a pair of Russian cosmonauts, we can happily confirm that the Telstar 18 even behaves itself in low-Earth orbit.

Anton Shkaplerov and Oleg Artemyev took a Telstar up to the International Space Station for a casual game of heads-and-volleys in zero gravity and the results speak for themselves…

The footage has since been shared by Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, with Shkaplerov firing effortless shots at Artemyev’s goal, which just so happened to be a Russia flag stuck in front of a doorway…

Thankfully, both cosmonauts will be return from their cosmic kick-about in good time to watch the World Cup commence, with the crew scheduled to return to Earth on 3rd June.

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