Fobbed Off: Leicester City Fans Grumble After Discovering New £55 Away Shirt Is Available As Plain Adidas Tee (Minus Badge) For Just £15

Chris Wright

3rd, August 2018

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Photo: Leicester City/Adidas Football

For all intents and purposes, Leicester City’s latest away kit for 2018/19 is a suitably handsome offering.

However, the strip has caused an outbreak of mild grumbling amid the Foxes’ fanbase after it duly emerged that their new shirt is merely a pre-existing Adidas template with club livery tacked on.

Upon launch, Adidas described the Leicester jersey as a “vintage design“, which is actually rather fitting as the exact same basic ‘Regista’ shirt – minus badges and sponsors – is being flogged for less than £15 from several online sportswear retailers.

For the record, Leicester’s new away shirt is on sale priced at £55 on the club’s webstore.

Image: Twitter

Of course you’re paying a premium for the badge every time you buy a football shirt, but should it really cost £40?

We understand that Adidas will be reluctant to funnel a vast amount of time and resources into knocking out a Leicester third kit that is only going to be worn a handful of times before being replaced this time next year, but still…

Perhaps investing just a little more effort into designing something which has at least a wafer-thin pretence of distinctiveness would entice more fans into parting with their hard-earned.

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1 Comment

  1. gonzalo says:

    any fucking retard (ie. the working class who worship a group of millionaires kicking a ball about) who is willing to pay £55 for a fucking t-shirt (i’ll say it again: a FUCKING TEE SHIRT) that is worth £15 utterly DESERVES to be ripped off. If you are literally willing to hand over any amount of money just so you get to feel connected to “your team” you deserve to be fleeced. I wish I owned a Prem club. I’d triple prices on everything and watch as the queue went around the block to pay it.

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