Pies’ Christmas Football Gift Guide 2018: Official PAOK Thessaloniki ‘Decorative Pebbles’ (Sold Separately)

Chris Wright

13th, December 2018

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Perfect as a stocking filler or a price-constrained Secret Santa exchange item, it’s the PAOK decorative pebble.

Sold separately at €2 (plus p&p) a pop, these club-branded rocks are as charming as their existence is baffling…

Photo: PAOK

Who knows? Maybe these things are a staple in every Greek home, it’s just that €4 seems like a lot to pay for a couple of small white stones.

However, they are in-keeping with the general level of miscellany in PAOK’s club store, which also sells an impressive array of food mixers and large bags of grated wax.

Pies’ Christmas Football Gift Guide 2018

No.1: Benfica Tinned Sardines
No.2: Fulham Grass Seed
No.3: Feyenoord Fire Extinguisher
No.4: Eintracht Frankfurt Gin
No.5: Leeds Bielsa Bucket
No.6: Juventus Snowboard
No.7: Galatasaray Reclining Chair

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