Adidas X Ghosted+ Peregrine Speed FG football boots are too flashy even for Neymar

Ollie Irish

17th, December 2020


These new special edition Adidas X Ghosted+ boots are inspired by the “peregrine falcon in attack mode”, which is a wonderfully pretentious source of inspiration. But they are also a work of art:

Okay, they cost £230 and you’d need to be as good as Neymar to get away with wearing them, but I have to say, they look ridiculously cool. To those who want to cop, they drop on Saturday 19th December.

P.S. This post has nothing to do with Adidas, the boots just caught my eye… btw, I’m a size 9, ahem, cough cough.

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  1. Walter Eagle says:

    That’s one of my relatives you’re talking about there.
    And £230!? What are they made of? Perry’s own feathers?

    • Perry says:

      Hey! Cousin Walter! Are you saying my feathers aren’t worth £230??? The Special One told me they are special…you make Perry sad :'(

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