Get your very own Instakilt kilt-towel as worn by Ronaldinho!


30th, July 2007

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instakilt.JPGThe Daily Record reports today that Barcelona star Ronaldinho was presented with a kilt beach towel during the recent tour of Scotland. The ‘bemused’ Brazilian received the gift from a Scottish fan. The Instakilt is apparently a way for Scots to assert their national identity while holidaying in sunnier climes. It combines the Scottish national dress with the humble beach towel to create a sort of tartan sarong for men who are daring enough to wear skirts in the first place! Click here to buy it for $25 (Canadian).

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1 Comment

  1. Alex says:

    And get your very own one from the Instakilt site when the Thistle Products, the Instakilt manufacturer launch their new e-commerce website.