Bored By The Big 4 t-shirt from Philosophy Football

Ollie Irish

10th, October 2007


The football thinkers over at Philosophy Football have launched a 100 per cent cotton rebellion against the Premier League’s big four with this t-shirt. The Bored By The Big 4 slogan is fairly self-explanatory but just in case you missed the point, the Philosophers spell it out for you: “Monopoly power is condemning the ideal of the people’s game to an early twenty-first century grave. Not only do the ‘Big 4’ have the Premiership and Cups to themselves year after year, the rich runners-up Euro league guarantees them wealth in perpetuity.” The t-shirt is your wearable membership card to Club 88 – the resistance group against the big four’s dominance. Click here to buy it for £9.99.

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  1. chouxie says:

    Oh yes, I get it, give someone else my money and stop ManU Chelsea Arse and ths Shite winning stuff. Ridiculous!! The T-Shirt looks shit too.

  2. The Booze Bus says:

    It’s not a monopoly if there is 4……

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