Umbro Unveil New England Home Kit For Euro 2012 – The Blue Shorts Are Back!

Ollie Irish

1st, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

Photo: Umbro (click to enlarge)

(Top row: Joe Hart, Adam Johnson, Eric Dier, Jade Bailey, Saido Berahino, Thomas Cruise; Bottom row: Jack Wilshere, Fern Whelan, Wayne Rooney, Connor Wickham, Theo Walcott)

Here’s a first view of England’s new Umbro home kit. As much as my gut reaction was to think “Another new kit? What’s wrong with the current ‘new’ one!”, I do rather like the look of this – not because of the grandad collar, which I’m not crazy about, but mainly for the bright blue shorts, which put me in mind of England’s snazzy Admiral kit at the 1982 World Cup. I was nine at the time, and I loved that kit.

England’s senior team will debut the kit against Bulgaria at Wembley this Friday. The shirt goes on sale on October 12th.

More views of the new shirt:

What do you think of it… Hit or shit? Vote below:

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  1. KWar says:

    Garbage St. George’s on the back! You’ll end up with them partially covered by player names!

  2. Johnny Mohair says:

    Wish the shorts were more navy than blue.

    But a 3-year lifespan, wowee!! Suppose it makes up for chopping off the last few months of the current home strip.

  3. Hirsty says:

    The last one can’t be beat. Don’t think I’ll ever need to buy another England shirt again.

  4. WOWBAGGA says:

    your first instinct was totally right. ANOTHER F@#&in new kit???

  5. Chris says:

    Why on Earth are there multi-coloured ‘St George’s Crosses’ on the back?! This is an insane design that looks like it’s from the 80’s!

    Also, why have the last two kits had our World Cup winning star in the same colour as our home shirt? I guess Umbro want us to feel ashamed of only winning one World Cup? Personally, I think it is something we should be proud of and should always be in Gold.

    The shorts are actually quite nice, but I’d have to agree that I too would prefer a darker/navy colour. To be honest though, I’m long past the age of buying the matching shorts and socks… My girlfriend would not be impressed if I rocked up in a full Engand kit on Friday night.

    I really wish that they’d commit to a kit for a fixed period of time EG 2 years and let us, the football loving public, vote on the design each time. Surely it makes business sense?

  6. Chris says:

    It’s all a bit ‘Topman’ isn’t it?

  7. Meji says:

    It’s very Topman…the last jersey was sick. I might get another just to have 2 lol

  8. juancullo says:


  9. I really don’t understand the coloured crosses on the back. They look silly and will surely be covered up by the players’ names/numbers. Also, the coloured stitching and grandad collar make it look like a girl’s blouse. Can’t see many hard nut England ’til I die fans wearing this fruity little number down the boozer.

    Also, why are Berahino and Cruise the only ones with arms round each other? Are they a couple?

  10. lilsam says:

    i think the new kit is ok but the ;ast 1 was betta but i do like the shorts

  11. lilsam says:

    dont u think it looks more like a training kit???

  12. jonjon says:

    looks like pharrell williams of N.E.R.D. designed it…just needs a waffle ice cream cone pattern and it’s set. some everton pink and citeh blue.

  13. keith says:

    sorry i’m i missing the point,the english flag is white and red, so does this mean that the present away strip,u know the “red and white one!” will now be the “home kit” and the “new white shirt with blue shorts and white and blue socks home kit” become the away kit.

  14. JAMES Clayton says:

    all the people who are complaining that it lookss too topman are fucking idiots, if you research the top, Peter Saville one of the greaest designer of the past century created this master piece,

  15. Andy says:

    James, a great designer he may be but that shirt is fucking horrid, actually I may buy one put a few dozen rhinestones on the back and also the name ELVIS and give it to my grandad! He should stick to record sleeves.

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