Twitter Release Special Pack Of El Clasico-Themed Emojis Ahead Of Barcelona’s Crucial Trip To Real Madrid (Photo)

Chris Wright

20th, April 2017



Ahead of the bi-annual ref-crowding pageant that is El Clasico, the people at Twitter have rolled out a series of limited edition Barcelona and Real Madrid-themed emojis for the occasion.

With La Liga’s twin behemoths set to go duke it out at the summit of the table once again on Sunday evening, fans (presumably under the age of 12) will be able to squabble over who’s the bestest on social media using the following array of miniature pictographs…


Image via Squawka News

The likenesses are uncanny, no? They all look like Hugo Lloris.

Question is, where are the emojis for #UnwatchableDiveFest and #IntolerableBunchOfWhingingManToddlers.

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  1. Rob says:

    Twitter, what a gift to the world

  2. Harry Catknapp says:

    Ronaldo looks more like James Rodriguez!, bravo Twitter for pandering over a bunch of babies, ‘el Clasico’ is now a shitfest, remember when it was a great game to watch in the early 00’s with Zidane,Figo Carlos et al, much better football and less ‘handbags’.

  3. Cosa says:

    Benzema has received a fairly rough ride here

  4. Liam says:

    A half-and-half shirt rendered as an emoji.

    Sign of the apocalypse if ever I saw one.

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