How do you think Kaka feels about Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Real Madrid?

Ollie Irish

11th, June 2009

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Well it’s not every week that a £56m transfer deal is forgotten about quite so quickly. Yesterday, Kaka was the name on every fan’s lips. Today, the Brazilian’s record move to Madrid is off the agenda, completely overshadowed by the mega news that C-Ron is also off to the Bernabeu, for even more cash.
I wonder how Kaka feels about all of this. He was about to be hailed as Madrid’s shiny new saviour, but suddenly he’s not even the most exciting player at the club - I imagine Ronaldo would pick up a slightly bigger pay packet too. Talk about stealing the guy’s limelight.
That said, Kaka seems like a reasonable, down-to-earth chap with a much smaller ego than his prospective new team-mate. So maybe it’s not a big deal for him. Maybe he sees the arrival of Ronaldo in football terms only. And no matter what you say about Ronaldo, no one can doubt his effectiveness (I recommend you check out the Guardian‘s stat attack, which shows how Man Utd fare with and without him). Who wouldn’t want him as a team-mate?

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