The Top 10 Sexiest Footballers In The World

Ollie Irish

9th, February 2010


By Vanessa from

Rather than get a bunch of sweaty men to assemble a random bunch of man crushes, Pies asked Vanessa, the editor of Kickette (the online authority on hot footballers), to compile her Top 10 Sexiest Footballers In The World. Take it away, Vanessa…

“Being asked to pick a list of the 10 hottest footballers is a real challenge. There are so many factors at play – their thunder-thigh to bank statement ratio always trips us up, for example. So rather than use our usual lengthy algorithms that take pitch prowess, chin dimples and astrology into consideration, we’ve gone old school and simply selected ten players that we think truly make the best game in the world the most beautiful…”


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1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) - You can't have a footballer hot list without including C-Ron. Sure, you might be late for dinner waiting for Cristiano to finish fannying about with his hair. Yes, you might come in second to manbag shopping. But it's a fact most universally recognized amongst the footy-player objectification panels that Ronaldo's got the best body on the pitch.