33 Breathtaking Photos Of Arjen Robben In Full ‘Dying Swan’ Mode

Chris Wright

22nd, October 2014


By Chris Wright

Six minutes to play, 7-1 up away from home and Arjen Robben is still diving: arms splayed, back arched, knees tucked and face squalled.

You’ve got to salute the guy’s commitment to his gimmick.

In homage to the frail Dutch swan, here’s a big ol’ gallery of him in full flight down through the years – a truly, truly majestic wonder of the natural world…

Brazil Soccer WCup Netherlands Argentina

Brazil Soccer WCup Brazil Netherlands

Germany Soccer Cup

World Cup success formula

Soccer - UEFA Champions League - Round of 16 - Second Leg - Bayern Munich v Arsenal - Allianz Arena


Germany Soccer Dortmund Real Madrid

Germany Soccer Bundesliga

Germany Soccer Cup

Germany Soccer Bundesliga

Germany Soccer Champions League

Germany Soccer Cup Final

Germany Soccer Champions League

Brazil Soccer WCup Netherlands Costa Rica

Brazil Soccer WCup Netherlands Costa Rica

Germany Soccer Bundesliga

Soccer - 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa - Quarter Final - Netherlands v Brazil - Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

APTOPIX Spain Soccer Champions League

Soccer - UEFA Champions League - Round of 16 - Arsenal v Bayern Munich - Emirates Stadium

Soccer - FA Barclays Premiership - Fulham v Chelsea - Craven Cottage

Soccer - FIFA World Cup 2014 - Round of 16 - The Netherlands v Mexico - Arena Castelao

End on a classic.

We’ve often wondered what noise Robben makes when he screams in flight.

We like to imagine it’s the kind of noise emitted when you accidentally stand on a cat’s tail.

(Photos: PA & Getty Images)

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  1. Perdy says:

    Please tell me someone has brought this article to Robbens attention, via twitter or something.

  2. Michael_D says:

    I scrolled through these pictures with “Swan Lake” playing through my head…yes, that’ll do

  3. you suck says:

    he is a top 5 player in the world. you are an idiot

  4. Brian R says:

    Rat Robben is a discrace to what was once a sport should be sent off there cannot be a referee who has not experienced his trade mark cheating I think the club should also take responcibility

  5. Chris says:

    He does it because he is ‘allowed’ by the rules to get away with it.
    contact = fall over.
    Shame because he’s a barrel of mischief.
    The system has failed him because now he’d sooner fall over than use his skill.
    Text book pantomime villain. I bet he loves it.

    i’d love to kick him in the junk so bad….

  6. Soccer Steve says:

    Look what karma has done to his hair and face.

  7. tenner says:

    He does dive pretty often and it is annoying, but that wasn’t a dive, nor a foul – both of which is pretty obvious if you watch the scene a few seconds longer.

  8. Koen says:

    Photos are not really a good medium to see whether him falling over was due to a foul or not.
    Obviously Robben is prone to going prone one way or the other though.
    He is one of the best players in the world at the moment though, there’s no denying it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You have no idea what football is Brian. If you knew football, you won’t call these moves cheating. A little respect for the Great Robben.

  10. James R. Ustle says:


  11. TravisKOP says:

    Its so ingrained in him sometimes I dont think he even notices hes doing it. like a nervous twitch or something.

  12. Geraldo says:

    I’m on a work computer and it’s more than my job is worth to post how I really feel about this guy…

  13. Mohannes says:

    Without a doubt one the most blessed footballers of his generation, however, the man needs very little incentive to hit the ground hard and fast. The grace, the technique, the audacity. We may never see such antics ever grace the football pitches of the world ever again once he retires. In every sense, Arjen Robben is a class act.

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