The Year In Football: Pies’ Top 10 Favourite Moments Of 2014

Chris Wright

31st, December 2014


By Chris Wright

Quite where the time has gone is anybody’s guess, but 2014 is within hours of becoming a thing of the past so we thought we’d cobble together a wee compilation of our favourite moments from the past 12 months.

So, without further ado, let’s get a-cracking, shall we? Starting with…

10. Steven Gerrard’s international retirement

A fitting tribute to one of England’s finest servants…


9. William Gallas’ air shot

Poised and refined as ever, Gallas endeared himself to a new set of fans back in February by gracefully allowing Western Sydney Wanderers striker Tomi Juric in to score in fabulous fashion…

8. Derry City’s team photo

While posing for their FAI Cup Final team photo, Derry City’s bench collapsed – leading to this absolute masterpiece of a finished product…


7. Martin O’Neill quietly destroying everybody

During the World Cup, ITV studio guest O’Neill using his disarmingly soft Northern Irish burr to gently destroy Fabio Cannavaro and Paddy Vieira after taking umbrage at a typically clumsy question from Adrian Chiles…

6. Andrea Pirlo, pissed as a fart during Juventus’ title celebrations


5. Rio Ferdinand’s World Cup analysis

Rio at his dashing, dynamic, insightful best…

4. This headline

 So bad, it’s almost a work of genius…


3. Peter Drury prematurely blowing his beans

While commentating over the World Cup semi-final penalty shoot-out between Argentina and Holland, ITV wordshitter Peter Drury dropped a pleasingly sizeable bollock when he accidentally activated “contrived commentator goal roar” mode far too early…

In fact, Dirk Kuyt’s penalty merely made it 2-3 in the shoot-out, with Maxi Rodriguez’s subsequent spot-kick sending the Oranje chaps packing.

What a plum.

2. When that bird shat in Ashley Young’s mouth

“Pot-shot shit shock!” indeed. Everyone’s a bloody critic!


Truly an image that will come to define our age.

1. Milan Gajic own-goal

Like our Mama always says: Always end on a thunderous 30-yard own-goal…


Honourable mentions: One man calling another man a “gay snake”; Emile Heskey’s Soccer AM trickshot; Jason Cundy’s VERY REAL concerns about the introduction of vanishing spray; This amateur German coach hamming it up like he’d been Force choked by Darth Vader, etc, etc…

Any moments you’d care to mention yourselves, Pies fans?

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  1. Billy Pisstick says:

    Gerrards slip4me. As an evertonian2c his one final chance of a premier league slip so painfully was a personal joy. Hes bin ruining things4me4about16years now. Traore, smicer an biscan et al best b nice2him4eva

  2. squiggle says:

    I’ll add the elegance of Thierry Henry’s retirement and Marcelo Bielsa’s reinvigoration of Olympique de Marseille.

  3. Matt says:

    The timing with the bird muck in Young’s mouth is perfect. My lip reading may be off but I’m sure it lands just as he is saying ‘Shit ball’ hahahahaha

  4. Mark says:

    This seems to have been a particularly vintage year for own goals. Can we have a similar list for oggies the world over? I don’t think it’s possible to tire of Vergini’s rocket shot!

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