10 Tainted Footballers – And How We Should Remember Them

Ollie Irish

10th, September 2010


By Ollie Irish


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Andy Gray - The voice of Sky Sports' footy coverage, who grows more irritating by the season, could play a bit in his day. A lot, actually. And he was braver than any forward I've ever seen. So let's remember him for that, not his fawning over Stevie G

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  1. samhumphreys says:

    Love it, really good article… Shevchenko was unlucky, he was on the way down when Chelsea overpaid for him..

  2. The truth says:

    Zidane went up in my estimation for the headbutt.

  3. PADDY says:

    What about “fat” Ronaldo… Caught with transexuals, cant control his weight, weird episode in France 98, but one of the best strikers of our generation

  4. Alan Shearer says:

    What about me? I wan’t always the tw@t off MOTD

  5. Ed says:

    Wot no Cantona?

  6. chimpo says:

    my world for a thumbnail gallery!

  7. Nick says:

    really annoying to have to click 10 times

  8. Trololololo says:

    Lampard, for being a fat lazy shitkickewr who only scores with deflections and doesn’t do a goddamn thing whilst wearing an England shirt… no, wait, that’s EXACTLY how I’d have him remembered.

  9. Mojo says:

    Fantastic article, thnx

  10. sfj says:

    “forever remembered for his handball against the irish”

  11. billa says:

    That best was a nob – wasted his own and then someone else liver. unforgivable.

  12. Rich says:

    If Greaves isn’t a distant relative of Kevin Spacey, I’ll eat my hat

  13. spectator says:

    to my mind, headbutting materazzi only further confirmed Zidane’s brilliance. anotherr service to football from a player who gave us so much.

    notice i bothered to capitalize Zidane but not materazzi.

  14. guy says:

    Dwight yorke?

  15. megaman789 says:

    I agree with all of them except maybe for Platini. I mean he is so evil, he doesn’t deserve to be remembered for his footballing skills.

  16. dave says:

    Grays snivelling and blatent favouritism over any of the sky 4 really is toe-curlingly embarressing. Just commentate willyer u bore.

  17. deckard says:

    what about rivaldo. his antics vs turkey in the 2002 wc. then in 2002-03 he was one of biggest ac milan flops of all time. then he went to olympiakos in the weak greek league. and then we all forgot about him while he still hadn’t even retired yet.

    yet in 1999 he was fifa world player of the year, scored with an outstanding bicycle kick for barcelona back in 2001(which i think effectively secured them champions league football for the next season), and was undoubtedly brazil’s best player at the 1998 world cup. remember his super strike vs denmark beating the great schmeichel with a brilliantly placed shot.

  18. Rich says:

    as much as gray and lineker can annoy me at times, it does seem in this country that any presenter who has a decent amount of confidence gets slated as arrogant dicks

  19. […] Schluss wie immer eine Top-Ten der Spieler, wo man sich an sie wegen unrühmlichen Sachen erinnern tut, wo aber eigentlich Weltklasse waren. Von Andy Gray bis Zinedine […]

  20. Delboy Dublin says:

    I don’t think any real fans (i.e. fans who know Sky didn’t invent football in 1992 & can remember who managed Man Utd before Ferguson) will remember Maradona or Zidane for being anything other than the geniuses they were.

  21. Andy Gray says:

    @Delboy I was four when the Premier League started so it’s all I’ve ever known, does that make me not a ‘real fan’?

    Unfortunately I share a name with that dour commentator and get ribbed for it all the time ‘Take a bow son’ is a favourite amongst hilarious people i’ve met!

    For that reason alone I agree with his selection!

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