Top 20 Football Videos Of 2010, Part 1

Ollie Irish

22nd, December 2010


By Ollie Irish

In no particular order, Pies presents 20 footy vids we loved in 2010. This is part 1…

Guti’s backheel assist – cheekier than the Cheeky Girls mooning out of a van, and the assist of the year, no contest.

PE teacher breaks long throw-in world record – Have that, Delap!

Brazilian pundit faints on live TV – Going, going, gone.

Speak Scouse with Dirk Kuyt – La

Chris Kamara fails again – No end-of-year list is complete without a generous helping of Kammy.

Waka Waka – Rubbish but very catchy, and Shakira is undeniably hawt.

Nike’s Write The Future advert – better than what happened in South Africa. Oh, and it was cursed.

I’m Just A Glamour Girl – Chenille nails it.

Grab A Stella, Nelson Mandela – The best football rhyming couplet ever, I wager. Twas also the best thing about England’s 2010 World Cup.

Dean Windass is a buffoon – Idiocy, but charming idiocy nonetheless.

Part 2 up tomorrow.