Rafa Benitez: ‘Maybe we can start the season right now’?

Ollie Irish

13th, November 2009



This just in from the goateed mouth of El Rafa, talking ahead of Liverpool’s game against Man City a week on Sunday:

“Everything will be different if we win two or three in a row. The confidence will be high and everything will be easier.

Maybe we can start the season right now. Winning against [Manchester] City will be a big boost for everyone and if that happens I’m sure we’ll see the best of the team.

“I am 100% sure everything will be totally different if we can win the game against City after this international break. The season can be good if we do well.”

Hmm, interesting – maybe I can erase the last decade and go back and become a fighter pilot?

Here’s one for you Rafa: how about you start the season when every other club does – you know, at the start of the season. Just a thought.

Really, Rafa needs to wake up and smell the coffee (or is it roses?) – in terms of the Premier League, I’d say Liverpool’s season is already over, so it’s ironic that their gaffer would be talking about new beginnings and new hope; I hoped that George Lucas wouldn’t fuck up the Star Wars prequels, but look what happened.

Time to fall back on a phrase Spurs fans know only too well: There’s always next season…

Rafa the wine waiter

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  1. Philando Torres says:

    Come on Ollie, you know as much as anyone that managers have to keep up appearances. He can’t be expected to turn up to a press conference and sit there going “We’re fucked alright. FA Cup and fourth place is the height of our ambitions now.”

    When times are good, managers can afford to be inspirational and philosophical, and when times are bad, managers have to be politicians – kidding themselves and the people around them until things improve.

  2. Ollie says:

    Yeah, I know you have to make the right noises. But it’s not Pies’ style to give anyone an easy ride! That said, I have no problem with Rafa’s optimism. Just think he needs to accept that the title is almost certainly beyind his side, unless he makes two or three key signings in January, and the rest of the big four fade badly.

  3. Philando Torres says:

    I think he accepts it privately. I’m sure he’s just hoping now that he can get Juan Mata in January. I know I am.

    He’ll definitely have to stop holding training sessions on cobbled streets now though. Even a squad with the depth of Chelski or Man Yoo would struggle with this many injuries to key players.

  4. megaman789 says:

    I still believe its not over for us.
    We just need to get our heads straight again.
    We’re not that far behind the top. Don’t forget all teams are gonna lose games.
    And Rafa is not a bad manager, I just feel that sometimes his ego takes over.

  5. i was hoping for mata too,but he has just signed a new contract

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