Snapshot: Liverpool Fan Skillfully Turns ‘Suarez No.7’ Shirt Into ‘Coutinho No.10’ Shirt – You Can Hardly See The Join…

Chris Wright

9th, August 2013


By Chris Wright

Here’s a corker of a photo that’s doing the rounds today. After coming to the end of his tether with Luis Suarez’s carrying on this summer, this jilted Liverpool took matters into his own hands and did a DIY job on his “Suarez No.7” shirt – seamlessly altering it to a “Coutinho No.10” jersey with just a few swatches of duct tape and all the skill and precision of a Swiss watchmaker…


Good work, Sir! You can barely see the join!

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  1. Si says:

    It is nice to see that the protagonist from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is doing well. I really liked that book.

  2. LickieRambert says:

    I doubt this guy would look out of place walking the streets of Liverpool, but perhaps C-U-N-T were all the letters he needed. (Judging by the amount of tape used, that’s at least one wing mirror that’s now loose on his chavmobile, maybe even a door too?!)

  3. Toz says:

    Kids, this is why you don’t get a players name and number on your back.

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