The mystery of Mascherano

Ollie Irish

2nd, April 2007

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Mascherano.jpgWhat a difference a club makes. A few months ago, Javier Mascherano couldn’t get selected for West Ham’s ailing first XI. He was rated behind the likes of Hayden Mullins and Nigel Medi-Ocre. Having watched Mascherano closely during the 2006 World Cup in Germany, this astonished me – the young Argentine was clearly one of the best holding midfielders at the tournament. Mascherano’s mature performance for Liverpool against Arsenal on Saturday confirmed what I first thought: he is potentially a world-class player.
It is a damning indictment of West Ham that they could not accommodate Mascherano or figure out a way to build their midfield around him. Alan Pardew had no faith in him and destroyed his confidence. Yet another example of an English manager failing to get anything like the best out of a foreign talent.

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1 Comment

  1. adam Greenup says:

    I think it is a little shortsighted to suggest that JM’s failure at west ham was all due to the club. You just have to look at Tevez’s recent form to understand that it takes months to get bedded into the premiership. AND, for a striker, it is less pronounced. As a midfielder you can compare the situation to Essien and Ballack (who is still playing average).
    Furthermore, it is easy to play with confidence and composure at a club that isn’t really playing for much. Being thrust into the middle of a losing team that is panicked by the threat of relegation and unsettled due to takeover is hardly ideal. The pressure on the manager to get immediate results meant JM could not get a chance.
    I hope he does do well at Liverpool and thrives in English football. god knows, liverpool employ the boring utility player better than anyone.