THE VOTE Who should Liverpool buy with their £40m warchest?

Ollie Irish

3rd, April 2007


_41904580_aureliorafapaletta416.jpgGeorge Gillett and Tom Hicks, Liverpool’s new American owners, have agreed to provide Rafa Benitez with a Chelsea-scaring £40m to blow in the summer transfer market. That’s twice as much as Benitez has had to play with since his arrival at Anfield Since his arrival at Anfield, the most Benitez has spent in a calendar year is approximately £20m. So, put yourself in Rafa’s shoes – which players would you put on the top of your summer shopping list? A few suggestions: David Villa, Valencia’s promising young striker; Daniel Alves, Sevilla’s Brazilian right-back; Carlos Tevez, who could rejoin fellow West Ham reject Javier Mascherano in the north-west.

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  1. Col says:

    Lucas Neill? Remember him? Hahaha. Sorry.

  2. anu says:

    Well, the main thing we’re missing is a real replacement for Michael Owen / Robbie Fowler at his best – ie the cliched 20+ goals a season guy.
    Also, might need some cover for the left – depends on whether Rafa thinks Gonzales will improve in season 2 .

  3. joe says:

    I’ve gotta think Villa would top the list. They might need most of that cash just to get him alone though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    forget bent get aim for hte other 4

  5. Verseau says:

    I will choose David Villa definitely ^^

  6. MH says:

    *****SAMUEL ETO’O***** all the way if not go for henry
    *striker:eto’o:25million or henry:15million or villa: 30million
    right wing:simao:12million he’s got the right attitiude for our club he’s a fighter and doesnt give up (second efforts)or alves: 15million
    Striker:Saviola:bosman (free) wat a bargain , he could also play as a winger if needed.or berbatov:14million
    most expensive outcome (total):54million
    fowler:love the man but his time is up:free
    total all up :34million

  7. Phil says:

    I think we should get mancini from roma, daniel alves or simao and tevez, villa or eto’o.
    Forget bent, he’s not good enough, and he’s gonna be expensive

  8. Yawa says:

    David Villa would be a good buy, Villa Tevez strikeforce, o! wonderful, they both have pace and skill and good finishing, Bent could also be a goo target. Maybe Alves on the right, Kewell and Leto on the left, Alonso, Gerrard, Lucas, Mascherano and Sissoko in the middle. Insua, Riise left full back, Arbeloa and finnan RFB, Agger, Carragher, Paletta and maybe a good central defender. Reina and Carson in defence.

  9. Yawa Naija says:

    Villa Tevez
    Kewell Gerrard Simao
    Insua Agger Carragher Arbeloa

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nani of Sporting Lisbon would be a very good target for the right wing. He’s a quality player. Tevez is a better player than Rooney . Villa or Torres are world class acts. Alves or Simao. and we need cover in central defence

  11. Andres says:

    i think that we should buy alves,eto’o and fernando torres. (fernando torrea and eto’o will be a great combination up front) also i think that carlos tevez will also be a wise choice by rafa

  12. Anonymous says:

    Daniel Alves—-Carragher——–Agger——–Riise

  13. john says:

    Here’s the six we need…
    1. Samuel Eto’o (ST, Barcelona)
    Eto’o back-up plan – Torres, Villa or Tevez
    2. Florent Malouda (LS, Lyon)
    3. Dani Alves (RS, Sevilla)
    4. Gabriel Milito (CH, Real Zaragosa)
    5. Michael Owen (ST, Newcastle United)
    6. Stelios Giannakopolis (CM, Bolton) – reserve

  14. Ellingsen says:

    Transfer number 1: Klose
    Transfer number 2: Owen
    Transfer number 3: Simao
    Transfer number 4: Gamst Pedersen
    Transfer number 5: Alves

  15. L says:

    kaka from ac milan will be a good player for replace alonso in midfield

  16. 5 times says:

    this should be ourteam next season:

  17. j says:

    as much as i love owen, he’s just not the player he was anymore
    sure, he used to score 20++ goals a seaon but he’d struggle to get half that now
    we need a world-beating striker who we can bet on scoring when we need him to, rather than chancing-it with the second rate buch of rubbish we’ve got at the moment
    bring on eto’ or henry or villa !!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    bent is shite not ever will be good enough for liverpool we should go out and buy tevez(20 million) eto’o(35 million) silva(14million) queresma(16 million) lucas (8 million)alves(16 million) millito(11 million)and we should sell beallamy (12 million) sissoko(12 million) kewell (3 million) hyypia (1 million) dudek (1 million)
    altogther we spend 116 million and gain 29 million with that we spend 87 million team for next season:
    carragher agger
    alves riise
    querasma silva

  19. Keith says:

    i think we need
    M.G.Pedersen or F.Malouda 9mill/13mill
    Tevez (who is an astonishing worker) 23mill
    MILITO (to give us a good reserve defender)
    Simao (a person who can play on either side of da wing) 10mill
    Quaresma (a nice skilfull playa) 14mill
    maybe B.Mcarthy (a prooven goalscorer)
    C.Bellamy + 6mill (blackburn know he can score goals)
    S.Carson (return from loan)
    outs will be
    C.Bellamy swap or 6-10mill
    cisse 12mill
    dudek 1mill
    fowler released
    b.zenden 2mill

  20. Mark Nolan says:

    Four we need for supremacy…..
    1. Tevez £20m and Bellamy (west ham interested)
    2. Eto’o £20m-£25m and Sissoko (Barca interested but only if they get Henry)
    3. Malouda £10m-£15m
    4. Quaresma £15m
    Total £65m-£75m minus say £10m-£15m players out (United just spent £54m so this is realistic if we are to challenge for the Prem)

  21. danny wheeler says:

    we should give west ham 15m for tevez give them bellemy eto i dont think we should buy he would gell with eniglish football david villa we should go for Torres we be gd to go for but he will want gd money for him we should get some young players so they be come gd in the session a head

  22. snackbox says:

    liverpool have the bones of a title winning squad they need strengthening in three key areas if theyre to win the league
    there are a lot of names floating about but Benitez is going to have to splash d cash as this area is livrpools downfall as they create chances but fail to score enough TEVEZ/TORRES/VILLA/ETOO/ADRIANO/OWEN/PODOLSKI/VAN HUNTELLER any 2 of these wud surely add proven firepower nd r within budget as BELLAMY and CISSE are leaving
    another problem area as benitez has not one quaity left winger as KEWELL is injury prone and GONZALEZ has not proven to be a top class player
    MALOUDA/SILVA/QUARASMA/ one of these players must be signed to strengthen the left side
    as we already posses 2 top class halfs in CARRAGHER and AGGER i believe we do not have enuf cover shud one of dese become injured as PALETTA does not look gud enuf and HYYPIA is simply too old
    any one of these players wud provide excellent cover for the back line

  23. a mighty red says:

    gotta go for eto’o, tevez, queresma, malouda. After that get squad players for cover. What’s with havin 5 central midfielders? Is Rafa gonna be pushing gerrard on the right again???

  24. Andy Burwell says:

    Riise is too slow at left back but he is a very good left midfielder, can tackle back well, got a great cross on him as well…got to get centre fwds…torres number 1 buy..forget eto’o attitude problem and tevez is great but West Ham will out price him!Need a back up centre back not older than 25..Mexes mayb is an option though…we should also try and buy Kim Kallstrom!

  25. Gaz Shaw says:

    NOW!!!!!! Rafa should sell…
    Kewell…. too lazy
    bellamy…. over rated
    palleta…. joke no.1
    And should buy…
    Lahm…. he so solid at the back n a good ball crosser
    Owen…. swap for Bellamy n good moral boost like GOD..
    Torres…. fits into prem pace n strenth
    Ribery AKA scarface…. worldclass!!!!
    Pablo…. Spanish and solid def
    And get some young talent to build on too! we can win the prem n 2 cups with this team for sure
    …………. come on you reds …………..

  26. ardened says:

    are team or next season is likey to be:
    alves carragher agger riise
    benayoun gerrard masch/alonso babel
    torres kuyt/vorinon/chrouch

  27. Adam Woodsy says:

    Now that we have signed Benayoun,Babel,Torres & Voronin I think Liverpool should instead of signing Heinze who is too old..we should sign Phillip Lahm who is not only young but a fantastic player & we should sign Quaresma because Babel wants to play as a striker.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Finnan Carragher Agger Riise
    Pedersen Gerrard Alonso Babel
    Torres Kuyt
    No.1 Torres 25m
    No.2 Babel 12m
    No.3 Pedersen 10m
    No.4 Quaresma 15m
    No.5 Alexandre Pato 20m

  29. Dom says:

    i think we should sign owen we were amazin when we had him newcastle dont deserve to ave im owen goal scorin record is amazin he scored loads of goals 4 us

  30. Maza says:

    Liverpool will buy Torres,£23m Voronin, Babel, Beniyun,£8m.

  31. Hamza says:

    subs – Itandje (gk), Arbeloa (df), Hyypia (df) Babel (mf), Lucas (mf), Crouch (st), Kuyt (st)

  32. Hamza says:

    subs – Itandje (gk), Arbeloa (df), Hyypia (df) Babel (mf), Lucas (mf), Crouch (st), Kuyt (st)

  33. kevin says:

    we must buy Lionel Messi coz he is the best.