Liverpool Midfielder Lucas Leiva Successfully Lassos A Cow On His Ranch In Brazil (Video)

Chris Wright

6th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

For those of you who aren’t aware, Lucas Leiva owns himself a massive cattle ranch at home in Brazil, with the Liverpool midfielder-turned-vaquero regularly returning home to muck about on horseback, yeehaw, git along l’il dawgee, ride ’em in, move ’em out, etc, etc.

Anyway, Lucas’ latest postcard from home sees him successfully lasso a cow from atop his mighty steed…



(Video: Lucas Leiva/Instagram)

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  1. Matt says:

    Classic lassoing technique… Nice and tight around the ears. The best way to catch a cow..

  2. Inno says:

    Chasing a dumb, slow animal around… think he would have had enough of that playing in front of Skrtel

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