114 Caps And Out As Steven Gerrard Announces Retirement From International Football

Chris Wright

21st, July 2014


By Chris Wright

Soccer - Steven Gerrard File Photo

After picking up his 114th and final cap against Costa Rica at the World Cup, England captain Steven Gerrard has announced his retirement from international football with immediate effect.

Gerrard told the FA website: “I have enjoyed every minute of representing my country and it is a sad day for me knowing that I won’t pull on the England shirt again.”

It is thought that Gerrard will now take up an ambassadorial role with the FA within England set-up, appearing at summer fayres on their behalf and the like.

A good decision for both parties, really.

This way Gerrard can go on plugging away at Liverpool for a while longer and England can stop clogging up the midfield with relics, draw a line under the last “Golden Generation™” and begin getting all excited about the new one.

And so begineth again the cycle.

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  1. Ron says:

    How do you think Gerrard will go down in history once he’s fully retired? Great player, tons of talent, some hardware…but doesn’t he seem like he failed to live up to his potential?

    In no way am I saying he isn’t a top-notch player, just seems short of expectations.

  2. Chris says:

    Never really had one of his great ‘Liverpool’ games with England.
    Scored 2 great goals for England i can remember.
    1. vs Germany 2001 to make it 2-1 – (ended 5-1)
    2. vs USA @ WC2010 – to open the scoring (ended 1-1)

    His back pass against France at the Euros
    His knob end back header vs Uruguay

    I’ll remember his CL exploits for Liverpool he was massive on the path to Istanbul
    And that superb brace vs West Ham in the FA cup final 2006

    He really did deserve a League title. But, alas…….

  3. Dave says:

    Yeah ok, Cya.

  4. Ron says:

    Rob and Chris,
    Thanks for setting me straight. I mainly see him in Champs League or a few games of Premier League. I’m clearly uninformed.

    Thanks! Strong work!

  5. Ron says:

    Rob – That first strike in the video you put up. My word. What a goddamn laser.

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