Iago Aspas Reckons FIFA Have Treated Ex-Liverpool Teammate Luis Suarez Like A ‘Murderer’

Chris Wright

23rd, July 2014


By Chris Wright

Uruguay Luis Suarez WCup Soccer

“He says he’s got hostages, five more inside”

Ex-Liverpool employee Iago Aspas has claimed that former teammate Luis Suarez has been treated like a “murderer” by FIFA after biting Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup.

Aspas, who recently joined Sevilla on loan for the whole of next season after a dismal year at Anfield, told Spanish radio station Cadena Cope that while he thought Suarez should been banned from playing, the Uruguayan striker’s ban from all football-related activity by FIFA was more befitting of a killer.

“They are treating Luis like a murderer and not like a footballer,” Aspas said. “There are murderers who pay less [for what they have done].

“To not let him be presented [by Barcelona], to train or to enter the stadium is too much.”

We can’t help but wonder why is it that all of Suarez’s sympathisers always seem to go so OTT in their defence of him.

It’s almost like they’re over-compensating for something, no?

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  1. Pete says:

    Or why people who are so anti-Suarez go so OTT in their efforts to criminalise him. He’s clearly mad but come on

  2. Liam says:

    Hahaha dat photo caption, you guys always pull the top notch punchlines!

  3. Geraldo says:

    @Pete – or why people who are so pro-Suarez go so OTT in their efforts to defend him. He hasn’t been treated like a murderer by FIFA or anyone else – he’d be doing life at the very least if that were the case. It’s Aspas who is clearly mad with outbursts like that, maybe Suarez bit him as well and it wasn’t reported…

  4. Fnarf says:

    Which murderers, exactly, have been treated more leniently than Luis Suarez? He hasn’t spent a minute in jail; in fact, he’s received many millions of dollars and countless hours of face time on TV. A few million less than he would have if he hadn’t bitten three opponents during matches, but he’s still in the 0.1% of the 0.1%. He’s just made a highly publicized transfer from one of the richest clubs in the world to an even richer one. I’m not really seeing much to complain about here.

    If he was some random dude on the street and bit someone like that, he’d be in prison now.

  5. Lukass says:

    Yes, he has been treated very badly, but not even a murderer deserves to be on the receiving end of an Aspas corner (ba dum tss)

  6. Jim G says:

    @Geraldo. Maybe people defend him because he has been shat on since the day he arrived in this country.
    And now he’s gone a lot of people still can’t seem to let it go.

    @Aspas. If he HAD been treated like a murderer surely Notts County would have put in a bid when Barca did??

  7. dc says:

    Jim G: “Maybe people defend him because he has been shat on since the day he arrived in this country.
    And now he’s gone a lot of people still can’t seem to let it go.”

    Spot on. England has been treating the man like a savage since the moment he arrived. I agree totally with Aspas. Should have been banned but come on; the man is a soft-spoken saint away from the field of play and absolutely nothing he’s done on a field has been malicious enough to warrant months out of the game. Especially when a player like Joey Barton, from whom we’ve seen documented cases of not just unsporting but malicious punching, kicking, stamping, etc, both on and away from the field of play, is welcomed to slap on a QPR shirt next season and hasn’t seen bans even close to the ones Suarez has seen for making barely noticeable tooth marks on other players. You could pinch someone on the cheek and leave a more savage mark than what Suarez has left.

    The people he’s BITTEN have all stated he didn’t deserve the bans he got. If the people on the receiving end are less reactive than the armchair pundits, who are all so incredibly offended that a man they don’t know bit another man they don’t know who’s stated that it wasn’t a big deal, what does that say about whose reaction is the most OTT?

    Not about to excuse Suarez from his ridiculously stupid actions (he SHOULD know better) but as far as I’m concerned Suarez has received more prejudice from the English media than anything he supposedly sent Patrice Evra’s way.

    Now tell me more about how he’s a repeat offender, preferably while we watch Joey Barton line up as captain for QPR’s opening game this season.

    -An admitted Luis Suárez sympathizer

  8. SG says:

    “The people he’s BITTEN”

    Just take those words and look at them in the context of football.

  9. Zam says:

    He’s done plenty of things on the pitch besides biting that could be considered malicious, booting Scott Parker in the belly(and no, it clearly wasn’t an attempt to get the ball), or gouging Scott Parkers eyes(bloody hated him), That two footed dive/stomp on the back of some lads leg back at Ajax(then pretended he was fouled), various achilles stamps, Distin springs to mind, hair pulling, list goes on. Not sure if racial abuse fits under the malicious umbrella, or just the pig ignorant one.

    Guy is scum the league is well rid of, plain and simple.

  10. Jarren says:

    Once he finishes his ban and starts his Barca career that’ll be the last we’ll hear of him in a negative light.

    …until he bites Pepe.

  11. Manurung says:

    While Diego Costa, Dani Alves who love to punch, choke, spit hailed as heroes.


  12. Manurung says:

    Shame on you Chris on that photo caption.

    stupid fuck.

  13. SA says:

    The British media and FIFA have it in for Suarez, yeah, he arrived in England after he bit the guy In holland and after the handball in the 2010.WC, Uruguay eliminated next round.
    He comes to England, bites ivanovich, banned, just think the scousers could have won the league if he wasn’t missing for 10 games. Bites chiallini, banned, uraguay Eliminated. Banned from playing, will miss 9 intl’s and how many club games, yeah we will miss his diving and card waving, dont blame Suarez, blame someone else

  14. Butty says:

    @Manurung, Butthurt bud?

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