Is Jerzy Dudek right to call himself ‘a slave’?

Ollie Irish

24th, April 2007


sp2.jpgJerzy Dudek, Liverpool’s reserve goalkeeper, was quoted in The Sun today as saying he planned to quit Liverpool as he is pissed off being treated like ‘a slave’. The Polish keeper was reported to have said: ‘I have to finally tell Rafa I’m leaving because maybe he’s not aware of it… I will remember Liverpool fondly as a success but not the situation I’ve found myself in… When a player knows he is a slave, he’ll never give his employer his heart.’
Maybe something was lost in translation, but you can’t have too much sympathy with any Premiership footballer’s plight, especially when that plight involves having to play in the reserves (and still get paid loads to do it) because you’re clearly not as good as the No.1 at your club.

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  1. James Dudek says:

    When you recognize the historical parallel between sitting on your arse collecting millions of pounds a year and being squeezed into a filthy wooden boat, made to work the field all day and being beaten within an inch of your life, you can see when Jerzy had a hard time giving his employer his heart.
    Oh, and slaves also used to take mid-harvest breaks to Spanish islands where they would drink to excess and get arrested by the local police.

  2. Patrick says:

    Slave – deprived of personal freedom and compelled to perform labour or services?
    Dudek is not a slave, he’s a spare.

  3. JDJ says:

    Slave? Not so much. But I can understand his statement about not being able to give his heart. I agree that Reina is better, but Dudek has won the Champions League with Liverpool. It just seems that he is frustrated and stuck in a situation that is personally difficult, but nobody’s fault. If he wants to be on the field he needs to play better, or like he said, leave.

  4. Clasher says:

    It’s obvious that Dudek is frustrated by the situation that lasts for about 2 years in fat rafa’s liverpool. He said many times for polish press that his current boss doesn’t even consider letting him at least for loan not mention selling his second keeper. And he shouldn’t be suprised that much when he gives him a chance in a league cup and he’s getting 6 into the net. I agree that Dudi lost his plot in keeping (i know it cause somehow he made few times into polish national team, playing completly crap). Pepe made mistakes but not so much in my opinion, he’s.. well solid, nothing more, suitable for liverfluke.
    And infamous ‘slave’, definetly a missing in translation, as i did mentioned he said for polish press that he’s frustrated by not letting him on transfer but.. i cannot bring back anything about slavery. Too much said imo.

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